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WORLD IC STOCK CHAIN DISTRIBUTOR Limeted. is a leading independent Electronics components Distributor.Our headquarters located in Hong Kong.And also established branch office in Singapore, Shenzhen For over 15 years in the electronic industry, we provide electronic components and value added services to the global industry,including Communication,automotive , Medical, Industrial, Defense, and Consumer applications. WORLD IC STOCK CHAIN DISTRIBUTOR Limeted distributore Active ICS and Inactive components.Components Manufactured by Xilinx, Altera, Texas Instruments, Micron,Analog Devices, Atmel , Microchips,Murata ,TDK,AVX,KEMET,TAIYOU etc.All our source directly from manufacturers and from franchised distributors and qualified OEM vendors.There are millions of items in our own stocking now.Please contact us with your question or Purchase order.Our professional team will supports you the best service.If you need any parts,please check out Shopping


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